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Buying A Home And Having Locks Installed or Changed

Buying a home is an exciting life event for many Americans and involves a significant investment. The process of taking ownership of the property includes ensuring its security through installing, changing or repairing locks. Last year in the US alone, more than 4.6 million homes were sold indicating a strong recovering economy. However, many new buyers fail to understand the importance of changing locks on their newly purchased home.

Old locks can be a major vulnerability for a homeowner as they are unaware of how many spare keys have been distributed and who has access to them. In order to protect against burglaries or home invasions, it is important that homeowners change their locks as soon as they move into their new property. Doing so will give them control over access to their residence and make any old keys obsolete. Landlords should also consider rekeying or replacing the lock on rented properties when tenants vacate in order to keep it secure from unauthorized visitors.

The ideal combination for improving the security of your home consists of both traditional spring locks and deadbolts which provide additional defense from intrusion by reinforcing entry doors. In addition to installing new locks, existing ones should also be checked for functionality and repaired if necessary in order to avoid sticking or other mechanical problems. Deadbolts can also be rekeyed if there are concerns about old keys in circulation making it difficult to gain entry without permission.

Generally speaking, having a qualified locksmith install or repair existing residential locks is typically completed within an hour with minimal disruption and cost compared to the peace of mind gained afterwards. Other tasks that new homeowners should consider include familiarizing themselves with the premises, conducting price shopping for essential items, contacting pest control services, investing in home security systems as well as reviewing life insurance policies and updating addresses or registrations accordingly such as driver’s licenses when needed.

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