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How Do You Fix A Car Door Lock That Doesn’t Open From The Outside?

Fixing a car door lock that doesn’t open from the outside can be done with relative ease, provided that you break the whole process down into manageable chunks. Here are some steps to help you get started.

Removing the Inside Door Panel

The first step in fixing a car door lock is to remove the inside door panel. To do this, locate and unscrew all of the screws holding it in place, as well as any plastic pieces that may be covering them. Once all of these have been removed, unfasten any fasteners that may still be securing the panel – these fasteners are usually shaped like Christmas trees and there may be up to a dozen of them in total.

Gaining Access to the Inner Workings

Once all of these securing components have been removed, carefully lift out the inside door panel from its frame. You may encounter additional connections or wires that need to be disconnected during this process; make sure to note down where they go for when you come to reassemble at the end. Finally, if there is a plastic protective barrier present, gently take it out too.

Identifying What Needs Repairing

Now with access granted to the inner workings of your car lock system, pull on the interior handle and observe what moves – this should help you identify what needs repairing. In most cases, parts will either be broken or disconnected; once you find what needs attention, decide whether you need to purchase replacement parts or just reconnect something back together again.

Reassembling Everything

To put your door back together again, simply retrace all of your steps but in reverse order – start with replacing any plastic protection barriers before going on to secure all fasteners and screws back into place. Make sure that everything is securely shut before testing out your newly repaired door lock – after all, there’s nothing worse than having to take it apart again after believing repairs were complete!