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What To Do Or Not To Do With Spar Keys

Having a spare key on hand can save you a lot of time and frustration in an emergency situation. It can provide convenient access to your car or home, allowing you to quickly bypass locksmith fees or the risk of breaking into your vehicle or home. To ensure that your spare key is safely stored and usable when needed, it’s important to consider some smart hiding strategies.

First of all, hide your key in an inconspicuous spot, preferably somewhere that only you have knowledge of. Popular hiding spots like under a mat or directly underneath the bumper of your car are not recommended as these areas are likely to be checked by thieves. An alternative option would be to store it in a specially designed key box that looks like a rock for outside use at home, or a magnetic one for vehicles.

When deciding who should know the location of the spare key, make sure you keep it on a need-to-know basis only. You never know what people might let slip during casual conversation which could result in your key being used by someone else. Also remember the importance of testing out your spare key before stashing it away – not all keys are created equal and inaccurate copies can sometimes be made from certain grinders.

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Finally, if there is someone whom you trust enough with this information, consider leaving them with your spare key so they can assist if ever needed. Doing this may take longer than getting yourself back inside but could be less expensive than other options such as calling a locksmith – especially useful in isolated or rural areas where locksmiths may not always be readily available.

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