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What To Do Or Not To Do With Spare Keys

Having a spare key on hand can save you a lot of time in emergency situations and it can provide an easy access to your car or home and allowing you to avoid calling a locksmith. Make sure that your spare key is safely stored and reachable when you need it.

Store Your Key in a Secure Location

Keep your spare keys in a secure place that only trusted family members know about.

Use a Lock Box

Consider using a lock box around the house in a securelocation.

Give to Trusted People

Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor or a friend in case of emergencies.

Regularly Check if its Still There

MAke sure that the spare keys are in a good condition and still in his hiding place.

Make List of Copies

Know how many spare keys exist and who may have them to control the access to your property.

Update When Needed

Change the locks and spare keys if your spare key had been compromised.

Avoid Obvious Hiding Places

Do not hide spare keys under doormats or in flowerpots as these are common places thieves check.

Don’t Share With Everyone

Be selective about who you give spare keys and avoid giving them to people you don’t fully trust.

Don’t Label Them

Never label your spare keys with your address or other identifying information.

Avoid Using Them Unnecessarily

Use the spare keys only when needed to minimize the risk of losing them.