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Schlage GT-400 Handpunch Reader

The Schlage GT-400 HandPunch Reader is an innovative time and attendance solution that use biometric hand geometry recognition technology. 

This revolutionary biometric reader provides accurate attendance management solutions for small businesses and enterprise companies alike.

This device captures the size and shape of an employee hand providing a unique and highly accurate method for recording time entries, the device eliminate the possibility of buddy punching where one employee clocks in for another thereby ensuring a more reliable and honest recording of attendance data. 

It features a sleek user friendly interface with a customizable keypad and display which make it easy for employees to use.

Attendance System With Outstanding Management Solution

InfoTronics HandPunch is an automated time and attendance system designed to improve attendance tracking, employee time tracking, scheduling and reporting for companies with any number of employees from 10 to 10,000! It also works with popular payroll and human resources software packages. 

Thanks to the Schlage GT-400 HandPunch reader resellers and end users alike can offer great management solutions.

Advanced Features for Convenient Validation Tables

Security Technologies marketing manager explains that instead of traditional paper or mechanical time cards users will simply place their hand on the HandPunch unit which quickly takes a reading of the size and shape of the hand to verify identity within one second. 

This reader features eight programmable soft function keys around the display so customers can create validation tables, multi level prompting, decision menus and punch reviews customized to meet their specific requirements and it also has a built in relay for ringing a bell or locking a door.

An Innovative Biometrics Solution for Businesses

Business owners everywhere can benefit from this biometric solution that is both convenient and secure. Employees cannot forge their time cards or stamp another person’s no playing around allowed! Plus, it works with most human resource software packages available on the market today.