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What to Do’s And Don’ts With Spare Keys

What to Do’s And Don’ts With Spare Keys

Having a spare key on hand can save you quite a bit of inconvenience should you be locked out of your home or vehicle. Carefully hidden away in an inconspicuous spot, spare keys can provide convenient emergency access to your car or home for yourself or trusted family members and friends. They can also help you avoid “picking the lock vs. how much to call locksmith to make key” debates in an emergency.

  • Place your key in a safe, but hidden area. Avoid the obvious places for keys, such as under a mat or right under your bumper, as thieves will likely check these areas. Special key boxes that resemble rocks can be bought and placed outside your home. Magnetic key boxes can be bought and placed at strategic locations on your vehicle.

    Don’t make your hiding place public knowledge. You never know what the person you’ve told will let slip in casual conversation. Inform folks of your key’s location on a need-to-know basis only.

  • Remember where you put your keys. Having a spare key won’t save you from having to figure out “how much to call locksmith to make key” considerations if you can’t find your key.

  • Make sure the spare key works. Not all keys are created equal. Some key grinders may have made an inaccurate copy of your key. Be sure to test your spare before you hide it in the flower pot or under your vehicle to ensure it will work when you need it.

  • Consider leaving your spare key with a friend or neighbor. You can reduce the risk of having your key used by a thief by leaving it with a friend or neighbor. Should you get locked out, you can call the neighbor to come give you the spare. It may take a while longer, but it still may be less expensive than your other choices. This may not be an option in isolated or rural areas, however.

  • To get the best quality keys, go to a locksmith. Locksmiths have specialized tools and the experience necessary to make high quality replacement keys. General stores or hardware store replacement keys may not fit as well as those made by Professional Locksmiths who have spent years perfecting their trades.

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  • For home or vehicle owners looking for a reliable local locksmith solution, consider Atlanta Lock & Door. The company operates locksmith businesses in convenient locations throughout North America and has competent locksmiths on hand to take care of any key duplication need. They can also come help you get back on the road or in your home if you can’t find your spare.

  • By having spare keys already in hand, you can avoid “running the risk of breaking into your car or home vs. how much to call locksmith to make key  debates that can end up with you paying a lot more to fix your car or home locks if you bungle the entry.

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