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Can You Open A Car Door With A Tennis Ball?

The idea of opening a car door with a tennis ball has been a subject of debate for many years. This concept involves making a hole in the tennis ball placing it over the car keyhole and then pressing or squeezing the ball to create air pressure that unlocks the door

This method is often presented as a simple trick in different online videos but the effectiveness of this technique are highly questionable. Car locks were designed to resist these simple methods and most modern cars use electronic systems that would not be influenced by air pressure.

This story gained so much traffic that Discovery Channel Mythbusters did a whole episode on this subject and after few tests they found that this technique is not working!

This highlights an important lesson that it doesn’t mater how viral it becomes before believing anything you see on YouTube It’s important to double check it. 

This is especially true for any online videos which have become very popular as anyone can make a video and post whatever they want without being held accountable for if its true.