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How To Get A Car Key Replacement Made Without The Original?

Losing your car key is really annoying but don’t worry you’ve got quite few options to get a replacement. You can go to your car dealership or you can call a local automotive locksmith. The cool thing about locksmiths is that many of them can come right to where your car is and by that they can save you a lot of time and money on towing your car to get a new key made.

Are Locksmiths More Expensive Than Your Dealer?

The popular belief is that locksmiths charge more than your local dealer when making the key on site but that is not true on the contrary locksmith are less expensive and in some cases they may even be up to 75% cheaper than going to the dealership for a car key replacement.

Do I Have To Tow My Car To The Dealer In Order To Program A Smart Key Fob?

It’s a common misconception that programming a smart key fob must be done at a car dealership but in reality many locksmiths are equipped to handle this kind of work and at a more affordable price compared to dealerships.

Locksmiths have evolved their services to keep up with modern automotive technology and they are very experienced in programming different types of keyless entry systems including transponder keys, Fob keys, intelligent keys. 

This service provided by an automotive locksmith at your location is very convenient for customers that not only want to save money but also want to avoid the long and exhausting wait times at dealerships.

When calling a local locksmith service the best thing is to remain calm and explain your situation clearly providing as much information as possible like your car make, model and year in order to get an accurate estimate for both cost and time frame needed to replace your lost car key. 

It is always a good idea to check the credentials and reviews of the locksmith to ensure they have the right skills and the right equipment to program your specific type of smart key fob.