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Whats A Transponder Key?

A transponder key is an electronic device created by car manufacturers to act as a low level signal transmitter and receiver. 

It has a microchip that is embedded in the head of the key and has a unique serial number that needs to be identified by the car Radio Frequency Identification before starting or unlocking. 

This revolutionary technology was introduced by GM in their 1985 Corvette model and became widespread among all car manufacturers which drastically reduced auto theft since than.

Why is the Transponder Key Preferred and More Secure?

The transponder key uses a digital ID serial number that makes it impossible for anyone else’s transponder key to open your car adding an extra layer of protection against theft. 

Compared to traditional keys that have only a few classic cut combinations which can easily be manipulated. 

Transponder keys provide higher level of security and with this type of key you have peace of mind knowing that your car is safe and secure since there is no way for thieves to ‘hot wire’ the ignition.

How Do You Know if You Have a Transponder Key?

To figure out if your car key has this special security feature you can check a few things like a thicker part where you hold it often covered in plastic because there is a tiny microchip inside. 

If you’re not sure you can check in your car manual or ask the car dealership as they will absolutely know if your car model comes with these type of key. 

Another way to tell is by trying to start your car with a spare key that doesn’t have the chip and if the car won’t start with the spare it means your main key has a transponder microchip. 

If you’re still unsure an automotive locksmith is someone who surely knows a lot about car security and he can check your key and tell you.

What To Do When Your Transponder Key Is Lost Or Damaged?

If you lost or damaged your transponder key and need to replace it you can find your car dealership but our best advice is to contact an automotive locksmith who can provide reliable services such as cutting blank keys and reprogramming them to matching with your car. 

Usually locksmith are more affordable than the dealer and much more comfortable as they come to your location at the time that suits you best.