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Keyless Entry System Solutions For Your Home

No more keys – upgrade to a keyless entry system for your home, and gain control of who has access to your property. There are many different systems on the market today that can fit any budget or lifestyle. Here, we’ll share some of the top products available, so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Yale Assure Lock®

The Yale Assure Lock® is a great choice for anyone looking to leave the keys behind. This system utilizes an app that you can install on your smartphone. With this app you can manage user settings and view history, as well as set up 5 digital keys which you can share with family or friends – they will be able to use these digital keys to unlock the door when they arrive at your home. To get inside yourself, just use the touch screen keypad and enter in your 4-8 digit PIN code. Up to 12 unique PIN codes may be stored, and it also features an auto re-lock function – if code hasn’t been entered within a certain timeframe, the door will automatically lock again for added security.

Yale Assure Lock® Keyless

This version of the Yale Assure Lock® substitutes out the cylinder portion of a standard deadbolt lock with its own keyless solution. This eliminates any need for physical keys or cylinders that could potentially be picked or bumped by intruders – no one will ever have access without being given permission first! Just like its standard counterpart, this device is operated via a smartphone app where users have full control over various settings such as assigning specific PIN codes and restricted times for certain users to have access. Additionally, there are still 5 digital keys available that you can give out, which can also be removed or shared via the Yale Assure App at any time.

Lockwood 001Touch™ Keyless Digital Deadlatch

The 001Touch™ presents another stylish option that comes complete with its own touchscreen keypad where the traditional cylinder used to be located. It allows users to either input their 4-12 digit PIN code or use up to 20 different key cards – giving everyone who needs access peace of mind knowing that it’s secure enough for their needs regardless of how much protection they need at any given time. 2 key cards come included with this lock unit; plus you’re able to create a master code which allows you to manage who has access and when – great for setting up temporary codes that last anywhere from 3-336 hours! It’s estimated that it should run about 10,000 times before needing new batteries (AAA), though it’s recommended that these are changed every 12 months regardless; all programmed information will remain intact even after replacing them though!

Lockwood Keyless Wireless Digital Deadbolt

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an especially secure system in order to protect your home while sleeping or otherwise away from it. The privacy mode feature helps provide extra security by making sure no one can unlock your door during those times – plus there’s wireless networking built in so you’re able to connect it with other automation systems in order to add extra convenience features such as receiving text messages/emails when someone unlocks your door, triggering other devices around your house (e.g., lights/TV/temperature adjustment) with just touching the keypad once upon locking up etc.. All in all, this system offers unparalleled protection when it comes to guarding against intruders trying sneak their way into your domain!