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Watch Out For Scam Locksmiths

Sadly where there is a sensitive situation such as being locked out either of your home or your car there are scammers looking to exploit it. 

Locksmith scams are unfortunately very common and tend to target those who are most desperate and in a great need of help.

Beware of Low Price Quotes

Scammers use paid advertising on search engines often offering incredibly cheap service call fees that appear among legitimate locksmith listings and can be very tempting to contact them when you’re in a stressful situation but it is very important to compare prices from different companies.

Do Some Research

Scammers often set up websites that look professional and legitimate at first but if you dig a little deeper and check for any physical shop listed on the website as well as business hours and any social media accounts linked from the site also checking reviews on their social media accounts and ensuring they are legit.

Branded Businesses and Credentials Check

Reputable locksmiths will usually arrive in vehicles branded with their business name and details as well as wearing a uniform or a jacket with their business logo on it. 

If the person arriving doesn’t have any visible branding representing the business you called this should be an alarm bell and it would be wise not to proceed with their service. 

Also asking to see an identification and license when they arrive for the fact that legitimate locksmiths are usually required to have a license to operate also a professional locksmith should be able to provide you with a business card that proves their work in a legitimate business.

Watch Out for Drilling and Ask About Warranty

Experienced locksmiths usually have the tools and skills to unlock doors without damaging the lock through drilling which is the last resort and definitely not the first step. 

Be suspicious if a locksmith is quick to drill as this can be a tactic to charge for unnecessary extra services. A reputable locksmith will guarantee their work and the parts being used with a warranty.

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Report Scams

If you believe you have been a victim of a locksmith scam report it to local law and also post it on social media. Your report can help protect others and hold the scammer accountable.