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How To Make Your Home Automation System Safe?

Smart home automation systems have grown in popularity, offering homeowners the ability to control lighting, security systems, and appliances with a few taps on their smartphone. However, many people are concerned about the privacy and security of smart home devices. To ensure that your home automation system is safe and secure, here are some tips for you to follow.

Secure Your Router

Your router is the entrance into your home’s network of smart devices so it’s important to secure it properly. When you first install and configure your router, make sure to change its default password with one that would be difficult to guess – avoid using birthdays or street addresses as passwords. Instead, use a combination of numbers and special characters as your password. Also make sure to enable WPA2 authentication on your router as an extra layer of security.

Update the Smart Home Applications

It’s essential to keep all smart home applications up-to-date with the latest versions released by manufacturers as they often contain bug fixes and security patches addressing any potential risks associated with them. As soon as new updates become available from vendors, make sure you install them immediately in order to keep hackers away from exploiting any vulnerabilities.

Check the Surveillance Camera’s IP Logs

Regular security cameras usually record all IP addresses which access their surveillance feed so if you notice any strange IP addresses in your camera’s logs then someone might have accessed your feed without permission. If there has been a security breach then make sure you change the password for protection and alert your home security provider right away.

Regularly Change Your Passwords

For additional safety measures it’s beneficial to frequently change passwords for all of our home automation applications, mobile phones devices, and routers in order to keep intruders out of our systems. Make sure to choose strong passwords consisting of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals and symbols that cannot be guessed easily by anyone other than yourself – if you find it hard coming up with complex passwords then you can always use a password generator for help.

Change Your IP Camera’s Default Port

Another way intruders can gain access into our system is via default settings when setting up our surveillance cameras which may not provide enough protection so it’s necessary to change those settings before using our cameras for maximum safety. Changing the default port will help increase overall security levels in case someone attempts unauthorized access into our camera feeds without permission.

Procure Quality Equipment

When shopping around for smart home devices or systems, always make sure that they come from reputable companies that invest in robust technology and solutions like encryption protocols or two-factor authentication methods which further enhance device security levels. Make sure that these companies have been operating at least five years or more so that their track record can be studied carefully before deciding on purchasing a particular product or service from them.