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Can You Open A Car Door With A Tennis Ball?

This question recently went viral online due to a YouTube video that said it is possible to unlock your car doors with just a tennis ball. The video showed a girl burning a tennis ball with a small hole in it, she placed it over the automatic door lock, squeezed it hard and claiming that the air pressure from the ball would automatically unlock the door.

The story gained so much traffic that Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters did a whole episode on this to prove whether or not it was possible. After few tests, they found that the technique is not working – myth busted.
They used 100psi of air pressure but still couldn’t get the door open.

This highlights an important lesson: It doesn’t mater if it become viral before believing entirely anything you see on YouTube, It’s important to double-check the information. This is especially true for any online videos which have become very popular, as anyone can make a video and post whatever they want without being held accountable for its accuracy. Although there are many great videos out there filled with accurate information, this one serves as a reminder to always check all facts before taking them as gospel truth.